EML Mayor, MMCs survive vote of no confidence motion

Emfuleni Municipality

Emfuleni Mayor Gift Moarane and his MMCs survived a vote of no confidence which was brought up by EFF councillors during a full council meeting today in Vereeniging.

ANC’s 38 councillors voted against the motion which was supported by DA and EFF’s 18 city fathers. The rest of councillors abstained.

EFF accused Moarane of failing to deliver measurable deliverables which he set for himself by the time he assumed the top job at EML.

“The executive mayor has failed on his promises to deliver Emfuleni out of section139 (b) of the Constitution of Republic of South Africa within the time-frame he had set for himself for six months. Currently the municipality is experiencing high numbers of violent protests as a result of electricity and sewerage systems that are collapsing even further,” reads part of the motion which was tabled by the EFF at the meeting today.

The mover of the motion Cllr Shaun Mohono added that the mayor and his MMCs were stripped of their statutory powers rendering them redundant.

“Currently the executive mayor and his mayco were stripped of all their statutory powers, meaning they will be paid as MMCs and the mayor but not executing the jobs they will be paid for, this amounts to wasteful expenditure,”  Mohono.

Mohono also accused the mayor misleading the council and entire Emfuleni community by claiming to have purchased compactors to collect revenue.

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