Emfuleni townships are highly vulnerable to COVID 19

Bophelong Children having fun in the streets without masks. That other child is trying to put on the mask after being asked why he was not wearing a mask.

As part of COVID 19 awareness Vaal Observer visits and exposes communities and institutions that are not adhering to COVID 19 prevention measure like keeping social distance, wearing of masks and regular washing of hands with alcoholised soap.

Today our team drove through Bophelong township where we came face to face with glaring contraventions of lockdown rules.

A group of close to 30 children were observed in the street dancing to music some without masks and not observing any social distance.

When asked why they were not putting masks, one of them said: The mask is in the pocket.” The other one was holding it in his hands.

Emfuleni is the hardest hit in Sedibeng in terms of Covid 19. It has 9894 cases with 6233 recoveries, Midvaal has 1403 and 708 recoveries while Lesedi is standing 1850 with 1024 recoveries.

Sedibeng district has a combined cases of 13 191 and 7965 recoveries.

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