Cyril Ramaphosa in Vaaloewer

A 1995 picture of President Cyril Ramaphosa in Vaaloewer

By Liz Charles

Do you recognize this man?

Yes! It is our President Cyril Ramaphosa, photo taken on 16 September 1995 when he came out to Vaaloewer for the opening of the Goosebay Canyon Weir. That was 24 years 10 months ago. This is a massive project which was conceived and driven by Hugh Temlett (right) in which he overcame many obstacles, including raising the funds for the completion.

This weir has become an important part of the Vaal River, and is used and maintained by Water Affairs. Fish, boating, jetski or canoe, our river is never overcrowded, and safety is monitored by Goosebay Boat Club.

We have a private owner’s river front area stretching around one kilometer along the river.

So you ask, where and what is Vaaloewer?

It is a village of around 300 houses, resting along the banks of our glorious Vaal River, centrally situated between Vanderbijlpark, Sasolburg and Parys.

You will still find little squirrels, mongoose, rabbits and other little animals running wild. Whether you prefer a slow amble with your dog, a late-night stroll with your lover under a blanket of stars and a canopy of forest, bird watching or simply allowing the … distinct cry of the fish eagle to fill your soul…

Perhaps you prefer simply to relax? At Candy’s wharf you can look out on the River and enjoy the beautiful sunsets.

Curious? Take a ride out and meet our friendly folk at Stonewall Restaurant, Heavenly Events Venue or Candy’s Lodge.

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Liz Charles is a citizen journalist with Vaal Observer and is very passionate about Vaaloewer, a neat and spectacular village along Vaal River.

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