EMS suspends services in Sebokeng

These EMS ambulances won't take the risk of crossing the streets of Sebokeng without police escort

Gauteng Emergency Medical Services (EMS) which offers mobile ambulance amenities has joined Eskom in conditionally withdrawing services in Sebokeng Township.

This followed after paramedics were robbed after responding to an emergency in Sebokeng.

The Gauteng Emergency Medical Services is not taking lights to the new trend.

Sebokeng area has now been declared an unsafe zone by EMS and will only be serviced under SAPS escort.

The Gauteng Health Department said an emergency call was made on Saturday night, 11 July at around 23h00. The crew was instead ambushed and robbed upon arrival at the Sebokeng small farms area.

The EMS Crew members were disposed of their personal belongings which include phones, watches, medical equipment like oxygen equipment, masks and blood glucose monitor. Even the ambulance keys were taken away from them. The Crew members were however unharmed after cooperating with the thugs.

Gauteng Health spokesman Philane Mhlungu said reports of the robbing reached his desk but maintained that services were not withdrawn from Sebokeng.

Eskom has equally done the same after their technicians were hijacked and forced to fix electric faults which were not on their log books.

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