COVID 19 sensors secretly inserted in your phones

These phones are fitted with COVID 19 sensors

Do you know that the smartphone you are carrying has been secretly fitted with a COVID 19 sensor? Yes! A  COVID-19 sensor has been “inserted” secretly into every phone. Apparently when everyone was having ‘phone disruption’ earlier this week, a COVID-19 Tracker was being added to your list of apps on our phones.

All android mobile phones and iphones now have the COVID 19 sensor! If you are using an android phone, go to your settings, click on Google and the COVID 19 app will bare itself. For iPhones, go to your settings, click on privacy and then health to expose the hidden COVID 19 app. Turn on your blue tooth and location to make the app functional.

The app can notify you if you’ve been near someone who has reported having covid-19. Vaal Observer news-team checked with both android phones and iphones and found the app. Check and share your finding with Vaal Observer whatsapp +27671903889.

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