Seek medication even during lockdown, warns Dr De Lange

Dr. Johan De Lange of Ocumed, is urging chronic patients to seek medication even during lockdown

A celebrated Vanderbijlpark eye specialist Dr Johan De Lange has urged chronic patients to go for their routine medical check-ups even during lockdown.

The Eye specialist made the appeal in response to the dwindling numbers of his patients who visited Ocumed Hospital during level 5 lockdown.

“In April we only had a few emergent cases, but otherwise people were getting sick at home but remained scared to go out to visit doctors. They think they will get infected at the hospitals. Lockdown or not, patients must visit their doctors,” said De Lange.

He added that for all his years of operating since 1998, his hospital used to see thousands of patients, but added that the same cannot be said this year.

“People must regular visit their doctors to check on their health all the time and not to wait until is it late. Patients shouldn’t die at home for fear of Covid 19,” he warned.

He however said his Hospital was experiencing a steady rise of patients since Level 3; a trend which he said as ‘worrisome.’

The doctor also revealed that the pace of delivering services was at the moment slowed down by the mandatory sanitasing, temperature checking and maintaining social distance.

“For the purpose of controlling Covid 19 we invest a lot of time sanitasing and keeping social distance and this is something we can’t omit. It is very necessary,” he said.

Vaal Observer news team was subjected to intense Covid 19 routine checks and prevention when we arrived at Ocumed hospital for the interview with the doctor.

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