New office complex sprouting opposite Ocumed

Construction has already taken off the ground from the office complex site

A state of the art office complex is sprouting along Vaal Drive, opposite Ocumed Hospital in Vanderbijlpark, five kilometers out of Vaal Mall to Sasolburg.

The multi-million complex, which will create hundreds of jobs in Vaal area, is being developed by the respected local eye specialist Dr. Johan De Lange, owner of Ocumed Hospital.

During an exclusive interview, Dr. De Lange revealed to Vaal Observer on Monday that the two storey building would be available for lease by June 2021.

The new development will give a facelift to old office buildings that are dotted in Vanderbijlpark.

“Businesses that need office space for administrative purposes like lawyers, doctors, accountants, engineers and other business operators who wish to work in Vaal from modern premises can apply for office space,” said the development oriented Dr. De Lange.

The eye specialist relishes the idea of creating jobs by his massive office complex that is sited on a 1000 square metres land. His practice has given employment to 10 people.

“Anyone who opens business creates jobs, so all the tenants coming to our office complex will create jobs for the local people. That is how the economy works,” said the visibly relaxed and humorous Dr. De Lange.

He also revealed that they were already talking to interested potential tenants, but said no lease agreements have been signed yet.

Dr De Lange, who is running one of the best eye hospitals in the country, said some of his practice might spill over to the new building.

His high quality work is premised on occasional overseas training of his staff members apart from sticking to advanced modern technology.

Two other eye doctors, who are operating at Ocumed Hospital, also specialise in eye treatment through medication, operation and lasier.

“We always try to give the best to our patients. We always attend training overseas and local to remain on top in terms of modern technology in the industry,” he said.

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