Hookers re-emerge in Vaal as lockdown fades away

Sex workers are also back in business in Vaal as lockdown rules get relaxed

By Lunga Mkhize

Hookers have surfaced again from lockdown around Vaal Loch area in Vanderbijlpark. The thigh vendors who ply their business behind Caltex garage along Vaal Drive emerged this week as lockdown’s level 3 kicks in.

Even though other industries and business sectors opened due to relaxation of the lockdown rules, the sex workers simply resumed business when potential clients gained their freedom to loiter around.

Vaal Observer visited their area of operation to understand the precautionary measures they have in place to protect themselves from the Covid 19 pandemic.

The sex workers were neither with masks nor sanitizers.

Three of them were basking in the sunshine under the security on one man when Vaal Observer news team car parked by the road side next to them.

They all touted for business, but withdrew upon being asked question which had nothing to with their services. They demanded a R10 each because they could be interviewed.

One of the hookers who identified herself as Gloria said they were not worried about Coronavirus at all.

Gloria said people were dying anywhere even with access to masks and sanitizers.

“You can still get the virus even in your own house with masks and sanitizers. So what is the difference? We all gonna die anywhere,” said Gloria.

Another sex worker, Ntuli, said hunger was more painful than the virus.

If I hide at home, who will pay my bills? I have to pay for my rent, buy food and clothes,” said Ntuli.

She added that they were not covered by any of the government relief packages. When asked to explain why they didn’t apply for the R350 unemployment Covid relief funding, Ntuli said the government was simply promising lies.

“The R350 being promised by the government is not coming out. All the people I know who applied for that funding never received a cent. In any case they want bank accounts which we don’t have,” she added before abandoning the interview to rush to a car that parked by hoping to get a client.

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