Only 10 received Covid 19 grants as Sassa fails unemployed citizens

Queues at Sassa offices

Sassa’s payments of the R350 special Covid 19 grants to more than five million unemployed South Africans has literally not taken off the ground yet despite all the promises from the government.

The high hopes which were given to the people by the government when a lockdown was announced have all evaporated. Millions of citizens who are no longer able to engage in informal work are starving in lockdown as government continues to spew promises, one after the other.

Only 10 payments have been made as the government remains incapacitated to speed up the payment to the marginalized. This was revealed by Sassa’s internal newsletter.

Citizens have taken their anger to social media to vent their anger.

“This government is being insensitive to our plight. I applied long ago, but they have not yet even acknowledged receipt of my application. This is bad,” said Philane Xlou of Vanderbijlpark.

More than 30 members of a Vaal unemployment Whatsapp group expressed their frustration over the none-fulfillment of the promise by the government.

“The government is taking citizens for granted. They failed to cushion us against harsh realities of such magnitudes,” complained one Vaal resident who only identified himself as Jacob.

Another post from a Vaaloewer resident reads; “These people are thick in promises but thin in delivery.”

Sassa is now waiting for the lockdown regulations to be relaxed to level 3 so as to speed up payment.

A huge volume of applications caught the government off guard as only a skeletal compliment of staff members were going to work

Sassa’s internal newsletter indicated that a great chunk of the workforce shall be returning to work from 1 June to beef up the skeletal staff members who are currently processing applications.  

Small business enterprises are also singing the same tune of complaining after the government failed to advance grants to them as promised.

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