Sorry, no beer during lockdown, Ramaphosa

Thou shall not consume liquor during lockdown.

These ‘holy’ waters shall remain safe until the end of lockdown

This is what President Cyril Ramaphosa is standing by as he turns down a request to review a complete ban on sale of alcohol.

Ramaphosa maintained that beer was not an essential service but  instead warned that it was a hindrance in the country’s fight against the coronavirus. The President, Cyril Ramaphosa, has declined the request by the Gauteng Liquor Forum for its members to sell liquor during the declared national state of disaster.

The restriction on the sale of liquor will remain, the Presidency said in a statement on Friday evening.

“The president had to weigh up against the imperative of all South African businesses and citizens to comply with the lockdown regulations, the health implications of consumption of alcohol and the priority to ensure social distancing during this principle,” reads the statement..

The causal relationship between alcohol intoxication and risky behaviour, was another factor which the president took into consideration.

 “There are proven links between the sale and consumption of alcohol and violent crime, motor vehicle accidents and other medical emergencies and result in full emergency rooms and hospitals.  This at a time when all private and public resources should be preparing to receive and treat a vast number of Covid-19 patients.  In the face of this pandemic, the experience of the rest of the world has shown us that hospitals need to be prepared.”

The president further noted that a number of other organisations in the liquor industry have rejected the call for the restrictions to be lifted.

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