Vaal man kicked and banged by soldiers

A Vaal man is licking his wounds after soldiers savagely assaulted him as he was walking from the shops to buy bread and a drink.

A video went viral yesterday, exposing soldiers kicking and banging the 23-year-old man carrying bread and a non-alcoholic beverage. No words were exchanged. Charging soldiers emerged from the van and administered kicks as the man rolls in pain on the ground.

The unemployed mother of the man is not taking it lightly. He wants justice to prevail and has since opened a case at the local Sebokeng hospital.

 “I am unemployed and can’t afford to buy in bulk. So I sent my son to go and get some bread and he got such a beating from soldiers. I wonder if they even have kids and what they would do if their kids were beaten for buying food,” she fumed in a televised interview.

Police Spokesperson Brigadier Vish Naaidoo said that he could not comment on police actions during the lockdown.

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