Body retrieved from Vaal Dam

Dibetsoe's body was retrieved from the River

A body of a 30 year old woman, Keitumetso Dibetsoe who fatally dived into Vaal River after their boat ran out of fuel was retrieved from the waters.

Jake Manten Commander of NSRI said the incident happened on 14 March after a crew ran out of fuel at night. “Arriving on the scene at Groot Island we found five crew members, two males and three females on the craft which was adrift from fuel starvation. The five casualty crew reported that one lady had jumped out the boat and they had attempted to rescue her but she had disappeared under water.”

NSRI commenced a search and after no sign of her was found, the five casualty crew members were taken to their house at South Bay. Police Dive Units were alerted and NSRI returned to the scene

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