Woman takes a fatal dive from a boat into Vaal River

Searching team

A woman in her 30s is reported to have jumped into Vaal River after their boat ran out of fuel and disappeared under the water.

The incident happened at the Southern side of Groot island of Vaal Dam.

Joint search of the women’s body by members of the NSRI Vaal Dam duty crew and police’s dive unit did not yield any results.

NSRI Vaal Dam Station Commander, Jake Manten said his rescue craft Harveys Fibreglass, responded to distress calls from a drifting craft that had run out of petrol on a Saturday evening.

The five crew members who were found at the shaft reported that that one lady had jumped out the boat adding that their attempts to rescue her were fruitless.

The survivors were taken to their house at South Bay.

NSRI reported the matter to Police and Police Dive Units and another search ensued.

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