Mask retailers raking in grand cash from coronavirus

As retailers battle to stock shelves with hygiene products amid the spread of coronavirus in SA, face masks have been selling online for R2,000 — R1,925 more than a month ago.

Coronavirus mask with respiratory properties prices are shooting up

Journalist and radio host Brent Lindeque recently accused popular online store Takealot and one of its suppliers, Umlozi, of using the Covid-19 outbreak to profit from anxious customers.

Lindeque said he bought a pack of 50 masks from a pharmacy for R75 in February. This month, he discovered the same product on Takealot for R2,000.

On the 6th of Feb I bought a pack of these exact masks (50) at @Dischem for R75.
Today on @TAKEALOT the exact same product is R1925 more expensive than a month ago. And that’s with their fabulous 20% discount.
How did these masks go from R75 to R2500 in one month.

 “I get supply and demand, but this is probably one of the most insane things I have ever seen. First rule of business: Don’t capitalise on tragedy,” he said.

Takealot told TimesLIVE it would not comment on the matter, but in a post on social media said suppliers determined pricing.

It agreed the hike was excessive and said it would engage with Umlozi.


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