Sheriff of Court ‘sweeps’ Emfuleni Municipal offices clean

Sheriff of the Court left Emfuleni Workers without desks and computers today in Vanderbijlpark following the attachment of the local authority’s vehicles and office furniture.

The Sheriff pounced on Monday morning to recover R2.3 billion being owed to Eskom by the local authority. The seizing was witnessed by Vaal Observer.

Some of the attached properties of Emfuleni Municipality

Stunned employees of the municipality watched from the terraces as the Sheriff of Court turned their offices upside down.

Even the office of Mayor Gift Moerane was not spared the sting. Moerane’s office was stripped of all office furniture.

A fleet of council vehicles was also towed away as the troubled Eskom demands its pound of flesh from Emfuleni Municipality.

Officials from the Sheriff’s office confided to Vaal Observer that their next target was the OK building in central Vanderbijlpark which houses municipality offices.

“If we finish today, we will move to that building as well, because we are attaching everything that is owned by Emfuleni. We are just following the orders of the courts,” she confided.

Emfuleni owes Eskom R2.3 billion in unpaid electricity bills. The Municipality failed to stick to the agreed payment prompting the power Utility to evoke the court judgment if got in March 2018.

Municipality Spokesman remained tight-lipped as the local authority continues to sink into deeper trouble.

Mayor spokeswoman Lebo Mofokeng declined to comment, referring Vaal Observer the Stanley Gaba, the Municipality’s Communication and Brand Manager.

“Stanley is handling this please. A media statement is to follow,” said Mofokeng.

Makhosonke Sangweni from Gaba’s office said: I will come back to you with full information.”

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