Pay me first, tithe later, Mayor Baloyi

Midvaal Mayor Bongani Baloyi

Mayor of Midvaal Mayor, Bongani Baloyi is caught up in an ugly tithe tweet. The DA Mayor twitted last week asking residents to pay municipal bills ahead of church tithe. “Pay your municipal bill before paying your tithe at church. The lack of payment is a big part of the problem facing our local communities,” said Baloyi in a controversial tweet. His tweet earned him sharp censures from residents who felt that the mayor was carelessly mixing politics and Christianity. A resident of Meyerton, Luwis Tlou dismissed the Baloyi’s tweet as insensitive to the Christian faith. “He should have just encouraged people to pay municipal services without mixing that with tithe payment,” said Tlou. Add Tlou: “His statement seem to suggest that tithe was less important than municipal bills.”

A worshipper of a local church who requested anonymity said the Mayor’s tweet was in ‘bad taste and unnecessary.’  “He could have easily avoided such an

utterance because it is not necessary,” she said.

One Vereeniging Cultural Commentator, Sizamina Hlatshwayo warned that the Mayor’s message poses the danger of producing the opposite results.

“That is the challenge of having leaders who do not understand the mindset of their followers.

Christians might decide to punish the mayor, by boycotting service payments to his municipality because his tweet is a clear provocation.

Remember South Africa is mostly a Christian society, the majority of citizens believe in the Jesus Christ. So Baloyi touched a carelessly stumbled on a raw nerve. ,” said Hlatshwayo.

Vaal Observer emailed questions to the Mayor’s office to get context and rationale behind the tweet. .

Mayoral ‘spokesman, Simon Ratlhagane, did not respond to questions e-mailed to him a couple of days ago.


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